Can prayer bring your family new growth in 2018?
Don't just choose a Word to THEME your year.
Choose a VERSE to PRAY for your family.
Friends, are you ready to experience the power of praying scripture over your family in 2018?
Scripture-based prayer can help you stop hovering, and start covering, using biblical, not worldly terms to discern your family's biggest need for prayer.
Choosing the verse(s) for your family allows you to dive deep into our family's heart through the lens of scripture.
Praying with scripture will help you overcome feelings of failure, and walk in confidence as a mom.
Give your son confidence to boldly embrace life, knowing mama is prayerfully protecting every step.
Join me for a 5-Day Teaching Series to kick off your New Year. Together, let’s prioritize prayer and make it our first line of defense for our family!

 In these 5 lessons, you'll learn how I personally choose a verse to pray for my family each year, becoming a student of my family so I can more clearly see God's hand at work in their lives.

God is growing a new beginning in your prayer life.
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From Brooke McGlothlin
and The MOB Society

Brooke is the author of Praying For Boys, Gospel Centered Mom and Hope For The Weary Mom.   

For the past 7 years she has been choosing a guiding verse for her family. Now she is sharing this step-by-step method to do the same for your family.

Brooke's wisdom and words have taught tens of thousands of moms through the MOB Society community.
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This Teaching Series is not just for mothers of boys.
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